Happy Father’s Day

Had a wonderful french toast breakfast with my family.  I was then informed that my father’s day gift was 6 months of guitar lessons.  Very cool.  Thank you to my family.

Father’s day is always confusing to me.  It seems that most of our society is set up in a way that congratulates men all the time already.  It is nice to honor a group of people on a specific day, but I always feel like it is undeserved.  It is much easier to become a father compared to becoming a mother…biologically speaking.  Men generally get better pay and “man time” and whatever other inequalities there are between men and women usually go to the men.

Anyway, I won’t get into the socio-political-economic issues I see with celebrating those who are already getting the good end of the deal (most of the time, there are always exceptions).  And when did the gift giving associated with father’s day become more than your kid getting you a tie?  However, I will enjoy the guitar lessons.  I know they are given with love and I hope I can accept them gracefully.  I hope that I can take advantage of this opportunity and not waste it…yet I don’t want to get so caught up in guitar lessons, my new job, fencing, and everything else going on in my life (notice  that I start to ignore my family and the thing that makes me a father.  My family really is the most important thing to me and I’m afraid I don’t always act in a way that proves that sentiment.

And for those of you who read this and don’t care about this stuff, maybe I’ll get some good blog entries about finding a guitar instructor in the area.  I know the local guitar shop is a good place to start, but I wonder if there are other options in the area.  It has to be close to work.  Flexible with my schedule.  And I want to be encouraged and inspired by the instructor while I am learning.  I’m basically looking for a way to jump start my focus and dedication.  I worry that this will just be a waste of money since I’m not giving it my all right now.  Hopefully it will focus what I do with the guitar so I don’t have to give up on other things.  I want to be more efficient and effective in my practice and playing so I don’t detract from what really is important.

Look out local guitar instructors…here I come.


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