Quite a Day

Last Saturday was quite a day.  Nothing extraordinary occurred, but it was busy and it was good.  Well, most of it was good.

However, I do sometimes worry when a day starts selfishly and ends selfishly.  In the morning I woke up and drove 30 miles to teach fencing lessons. I taught lessons and then fenced for fun.  It was great but it was all about me.  I got home to a family that had started cleaning the house and a wife that was more than a little burnt out… so we mowed the lawn.

Mowing the lawn is a family affair in our house.  Boy loves to ride the lawn mower with whomever is driving.  Girl loves to hide in the new tree house while we make too much noise.  The other parent not riding the lawn mower does the weed eating and the push mower.  Then there was the pruning of bushes, more planting, and running to the hardware store.

By 3:30 we thought it was dinner time.  It wasn’t, so we pushed the kids on the swing set until 4:30.  Did I mention it was a beautiful great Northwestern cloudless blue sky day of 75 degrees.  We were all in shorts and t-shirts with hats and sun screen applied liberally.

For dinner we went to a new Chicago style hot dog joint that just opened.  It was tasty!  Then off to the grocery store (never shop hungry, you might end up with more than just the box of candy we got for dessert that wasn’t on our shopping list).  Then back home for the kids to take baths and go to bed.

I will admit.  I was pretty tired.  I sat down and started watching U2 = BBC.  My wife then announced she needed to go make copies of stuff for church tomorrow but didn’t want to go to the building alone.  I suggested she ask her good friend who has been busy with school to go with her.  They went to make the copies and then went out for pie to complain about their husbands.

The U2 = BBC performance is fantastic.  It is inspiring.  At least the first portion of it is.  I turned it off and got out all my guitar gear.  I hooked the Mesa Boogie Mark IV I still had (thank you friendly co-worker) to my pedal board and mixer (remember, kids were asleep and I needed to play quietly) and really explored the amp.  I then tore down my pedal board and hooked things up to the effects loop on the Mark IV.

Finally, I left this mess on the floor and, after taking a quick shower to wash away the day’s grime and the stresses of the last few weeks, went to bed.  It was a great way to end a good day.  I have to decide what I’m going to do about the Mark IV, but I won’t worry about that just yet.  I’m just enjoying the chance to play it!


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