Feedback in a Sparse Month

For anyone who actually reads this blog (besides those searching for “SG Kasuga”), you will have noticed I haven’t posted very much this month.  It’s been almost two weeks with very sparse blog entries.  Two weeks doesn’t seem like a long time, but after months of almost daily posts, it feels sparse to me.

There are two reasons for this.  First, I got a new job at work doing some things I’ve never done before.  There is a huge learning curve.  And learning new things on the job while still being held accountable is an additional stress to the regular stress of life and work.

Second, at the same time I was making the transition to the new job responsibilities, I decided that a lot of my daily posts felt like fluff pieces.  I want more thought and personal insight in my blog entries.  They still may seem like fluff to you, dear reader, but I want them to mean something to me.

We’ll see how this redoublement of my efforts to keep up a guitar blog work out.  Let me know if you like certain things or don’t like certain things.  Like my new job, feedback is always appreciated.


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