Wish List

At some point in this blog I started to make a list of what I think I want in an amp.  Well, I’m making another list.

I would like:

  • all tube
  • two footswitchable channels (fender clean, rocking dirty)
  • 5 to 15 watts (switchable or attenuatable)
  • usable with band (i.e. with drums)
  • headphone out (got kids)
  • line out (to record silently on my computer)
  • effects loop (because I don’t have one and it seems important since all the cool kids do)

I made this list before actually going back to look at my old amp wish list.  Looks like I forgot built in reverb.  I’ve also switched from 15 to 20 watts down to 5 to 15 watts.  I must admit this is probably a direct result of the Old School Amp I’ve been lusting after for such a long time now.  But I’m still worried about having enough power to play with a drummer.  And I can’t make the financial commitment on the Old School Amp that seems to be a one trick pony.  Admittedly it is a one trick pony I really like, but I have limited funds and limited ability to justify the cost.  Maybe someday.


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