Dirty Hands

The other night (Tuesday to be specific), after writing this, I got my guitar out again (with the help of headphones while my wife listened to the kids’ monitors) and played for another hour before going to bed.  As I played I noticed that two sections of my Warmoth project guitar neck were gummy.  It was like there was actual gunk on the back of the neck and when I would move my hand there it would move the gunk a half an inch whichever direction my hand was going and it would slow me down because it was a bit sticky.  Not like gum and I couldn’t see anything on the neck itself, but something was there.

I also had really dirty fingers as I played.  This has not happened before.  I washed my hands before playing (I’d changed my son’s diaper before putting him down).  So I’m looking for advice/help on figuring this out.  Is the gummy stuff on the back of the guitar neck from me?  Is the black stuff on my fretting fingers from my cheap strings or my stainless steal frets or my ebony fretboard?  My other guitars with the same cheap strings don’t leave black gunk on my fingers.  This is the only guitar I have with this mahogany neck and satin finish.  This is also the only guitar I have with an ebony fretboard and stainless steel frets.  But these things aren’t supposed to leave black gunk on my fingers or the back of the neck.

As I’m typing this I’m wondering if the lotion I put on my son after his bath is the cause of all this.  I washed my hands after putting him to bed, but maybe the lotion builds up and then comes off while playing.  Maybe that’s what the gunk was on the back of the neck.  Maybe that’s what collected the dust and dirt that accumulates on my guitar neck since I keep the guitar out and hanging on the wall (all in the effort to make it easy to play).

Maybe my son should learn to apply his own lotion so his skin remains baby soft.  Yes, that’s it.  He’s almost two.  Time to become a man.


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