Live Music

Went to a live show this evening at the backstage in Olympia.  Turns out it was the senior project for a former high school intern who worked in my office a year ago.  She was surprised to see me, but really nice.

The first band was what I expected.  Great hardcore punx.  Red White & Die.

The next band (Sledgeback) was better than I thought would be performing on a late night for a highschool kid’s senior project.  Their lead singer had a funny accent and played a Hohner.  The lead guitarist had a Marshall JCM 900 full stack with two beautiful Gibson Les Pauls.  The bass player had two (one white with black parts, the other black with white parts) fender basses.  They were very tight.  I talked to the singer and lead guitarist after the show.  They were on their way back from a show in Portland, so they did this gig.  The singer is from Hungary, so I tried to speak a little Hungarian with him.  We had a nice little chat but once the novelty factor wore off it seemed pretty obvious he wanted to speak English, so I stopped. Seem like a good bunch of guys who are pretty tired tonight.

The last band was late getting there, but I decided to be nice and wait even though I have work tomorrow…it’s raining…I’m biking in the morning…and I’m already tired.  I’m so glad I did.  I enjoyed Sledgeback, but for pure youthful energy and a great show, Rebel Strike was awesome!  They were somewhat sloppy, but it all fit well.  Mainly because it was all in support of the lead singer’s vocals.  The recordings on their myspace page just don’t do justice to their live performance.  Also, they were a three piece at this show (subtract the cheesy guitar and keyboard effects).  The lead singer was also the guitarist.  She played a Fender jagmaster thing through some 2×10 amp that was all treble, reverb, and chorus.  It fit very well with the strong and very active bass lines and fantastic drumming (although Sledgeback’s drummer was the best of the night).  I think what I liked most about it was that it inspired me to play more than anything I’ve seen in a while.

Before leaving for the evening I thanked the former highschool intern for putting together a great show.  She said she was happy to see me and asked if I was still building guitars.  I said yes.  She asked if she could give out my contact information to people who want cool comic book guitars.  I laughed.  That would be cool, but I don’t have time.  I pawned it off on being too busy with the kids to take on that kind of business, but that if she was interested in one, I could try to work something out.  I’m sure we’ll stay in touch and maybe someday she’ll start advertising for me.  It did make me chuckle.  Where would I find the time?  Sacrifice my family time? No.  Try to make a living off guitars?  Not anytime soon.  Not much else to give in my life right now.

Oh well, better head off to bed.  Got to get up and bike to work  in the wonderful NW rain sooner than I think.


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