Guitar Store Fun

Went to a local guitar shop up in Tacoma that I have never been to before.  Sluggo’s has been around a long time, I just haven’t taken the time to head over there since I’ve lived in the great northwest.  Their guitar selections were a little slim, but this is the kind of store that is dependent on the market.  Come back in a few weeks and it could be totally different.

They did have one very tempting piece of equipment on consignment.  It was an Ampeg SuperJet reissue 1×12 combo that had been heavily modded (extension speaker out, etc.).  Or maybe it was the Ampeg Jet II reissue 1×12 combo.  I can’t remember now (should’ve written it down).  The price was a bit high for me, but it was really cool!  I believe it was the 50 watt superjet…which is way too loud for me.  Oh well, I’ve got to learn to play the amp I’ve got before I really start looking for a new one.  Hard to admit, but true.


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