2010 Arts Walk

Went to the Arts Walk in Olympia, WA tonight with some friends.  Had a good time with the friends, saw some great art, heard some great bands, saw some cool guitar gear, saw my boss, and enjoyed the “scene.”  The best part for me was as I walked from one street to another there was an area where different bands’ music mixed.  It was like a no man’s zone of music that in which each band’s music would faze in an out depending on the direction of the wind, the dynamics of the song, and the movement of the crowds.

I need to be in a band.  I need to make music.  I need to be a part of making that happen, not just be a spectator.  I really am a wanna be.  I’m riding the high of a great night and ignoring the low of truly realizing how much of a wanna be I am.


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