Pseudo New Band

No, this is not a new genre or band name.  This is a few coworkers and I finally getting our calendars together and scheduling our first band practice.  We will each pick three songs, all work on them before May 10th, and then play them together on May 10th!

This may seem like a simple thing, but we’ve been talking about this since last year.  I finally just went to each of them and said, how does this day work?  how  about this day?  What songs do you want to play?  What music do you like?  etc.

So, based just on our conversations today, we will attempt to play:

  • Message in a Bottle by the Police
  • The Middle by Jimmy Eat World
  • Ring of Fire as covered by Social Distortion (originally by June Carter)
  • Gouge Away by the Pixies
  • I Love Rock N’ Roll as covered by Joan Jett (originally by the Arrows)

And when I say “play,” I mean they will play and I will try to keep up.  But as I told them today, what I lack in skill and musical ability I hope to make up with enthusiasm and good cheer.


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