I got to spend some time with my coworker’s guitar.  It was actually set up very well (although it needed new strings).  It also needed a thorough cleaning, new pick up covers, and a back cover…all of which I had from my original Peavey Predator project guitar that has become the Wolverine guitar.  The nice thing about this guitar is the new 11 hole pick guard.  I like it!

I also added an extra spring to the vibrato bridge since I don’t think my beginner coworker wants it going out of tune as much as it would if it were easier to move.  Plus the vibrato arm doesn’t fit very well.  It rocks from side to side a bit when you try to use it.  I also know from experience how bad the original bridge is.  It isn’t terrible, just bothersome.

The best part is the remaining sticker on the bottom of the guitar.  Amazing what you can do with a little determination, a razorblade, and a Rage Against the Machine sticker.  My coworker has chosen to keep the sticker.  I think it is awesome!

The headstock has an odd discoloration to it that I can’t figure out.  It’s like it got sprayed with something that affected the way the wood has browned with age/sun exposure.  There was also a lot of dust and grime on top of the nut.


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