Front Porch Jam

This evening was beautiful.  Specifically the weather was beautiful.  It was about 50 degrees.  It had been sunny all day.  The sky was only partly cloudy as the sun set.  Everything is green and beautiful around our house (despite my attempts to kill it).  So we went outside to enjoy it all before the kids had to go to bed.

My daughter decided to put on a show using the porch as her stage.  She sang songs and played/hummed songs using her trumpet kazoo.  What is a trumpet kazoo you may ask?  This is a trumpet kazoo:

Yes, a kazoo shaped like a trumpet.  A trumpet kazoo.

After watching her show, playing in the grass, and generally goofing off, I got the kids’ cheap parlor guitar I purchased and fixed a while back.  I tuned it up (Boy likes to play with the tuning keys as much as the strings) and played on the porch.  My daughter ran up on the steps and started singing made up lyrics to some made up chord progression I had started.  Then she switched to her trumpet kazoo and soloed for a while.  Then back to singing.  Then back to another trumpet kazoo solo.  It was awesome!

Her natural timing and musical ability has already surpassed me (which isn’t saying much and she probably started with more musical ability).  We had a lot of fun, I only wish I had recorded it.  I guess it will always be better in my memory anyway.


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