Pedalboard project: finished for now

Here’s what the pedal board looks like closed.  It is an old violin case I found at my local guitar shop’s parking lot sale for $5.  I took out the stuff that holds a violin in place, cut out a piece of 3/4 inch plywood to fit in the top, screwed it into place with little rubber feet (after covering it with car floor carpeting).

This is the pedal board open but packed up and ready for the bottom (the deep part of the violin case) to go on it.  All the pedals either already had velcro on the bottom or I used zip ties to fasten the pedals to 3/8 inch pieces of plywood I cut out to the dimensions of each pedal.  I then put the sticky velcro on the piece of plywood instead of the pedal.  This way I don’t get sticky stuff on pedals if I ever want to sell them.  And they seem secure.  It adds a little weight, but I will live.

Here’s the pedal board open and ready to be used.  You can see some pedals I was borrowing in the set up.  One of these days I’ll take some more pictures and show how I have it set up currently.


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