Sleep v Guitar

At work today I had almost twenty minutes after I ate lunch before I had to be in a meeting.  I haven’t had a consistent time for lunch the last few weeks, so this was a surprise.  I then had a decision to make: should I take a quick nap in my office or play the guitar?  I was so tired, and knew playing the guitar would relax me even more (making it tough to stay awake in my meeting), that I opted for the nap.

I closed my office door, turned out the light, and took a ten minute power nap.  I don’t know if I made the right decision (I was still tired this afternoon), but can’t change it now.  So now we know where I stand on that question.

On a side note, my wife read my blog entry about blogging yesterday.  She asked if I am now addicted to blogging.

I assured her I could stop anytime I want.


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