Last night I read “Little Brother,” a young adult fiction book about hackers, cryptography, family, friendship, love, security, politics, civil rights, and revolution.  My wife got it from the library as something fun to read on topics we like.  It is a quick read (obviously…I read it last night) and I enjoyed it.  It was entertaining.  What I enjoyed most was the object lesson about the benefits of “hacking.”  In other words, the benefits of exploration and challenging technology.  Figuring things out.  Making them better.  Customizing technology to serve you.

I am not a hacker.  I can barely manage the technology involved with this blog.  So I finished this book and felt inspired to “hack” something.  Then I realized I’m already a “hacker.”  I “hack” guitars.  I noodle.  I rebuild.  I fix.  I customize.  I explore.

Admittedly I am taking a very slow pace.  And I’m limited by funds and time.  But I have the desire and am enjoying it.  So I guess I’m a hacker…Hack the planet!


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