Same Language?

Last year on GuitarFlame, there was a post about a blues guitarist and a metal guitarist getting together and not being able to play music together. It reminded me of my next door neighbor’s high school son when I lived in Idaho. He was/is a huge metal head. He plays the bass and loves it. We would get together from time to time and “jam.” But we could only jam 12 bar blues because I couldn’t get anything to sound good over his heavy metal bass riffs. He was very gracious and very nice about it, but reading Guitar Flame’s post reminded me that the fault was mine.

I’m supposed to be the mature one. I’m supposed to be the one showing the example to the young punk (metal head, whatever). Instead he’s the one crossing the language barrier. He’s the one setting the example. Former neighbor, if you ever read this, thanks for being so cool. If we ever jam again, I’ll be sure to have some metal riffs ready. I’ve learned my lesson (just not metal…yet).


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