Quilt Maple Top

I took my Warmoth guitar project into work today since I drove (no way I’m taking that thing on my bike). My boss is a fairly avid wood worker and was complimenting me on my choices of woods (he knows next to nothing about guitars). Then he commented that the quilt maple didn’t have the three dimensional look he is used to. I assured him that it does, but perhaps the lighting was bad in my office (see pics here). He was nice about it, but obviously thought the guitar was inferior because of the lack of depth in the quilt maple top. I must admit, I was a bit embarrassed.
Then a coworker came in (who is thinking about getting a new guitar). He asked if he could take it off the wall hanger and I said sure. When he turned the guitar sideways the quilt maple top came to life. It was like one of those little cards with the different pictures on it that appear and disappear as you move the card. My boss made an exclamation of excitement and commented that he now saw the three dimensional aspect of a good quilt maple and was equally impressed. My pride is back in place. Thank you very much.


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