Guitar Case

Stopped by my local guitar shop to look for cases at lunch today.  Right now I’m using an old bass gig bag to carry my Warmoth project guitar around.  I’m not a big fan of gig bags, but I’m also pretty cheap (if you haven’t already noticed).  My local guitar shop had a hard shell Jackson guitar case on sale for $39, but my guitar didn’t fit in it.  So I tried the fender guitar cases, but my firebird headstock is too long.  Then I tried the generic electric guitar cases, but they were either too short or couldn’t close with the angled headstock.

You can see from the pictures that my Wolverine strat knock off fits the Fender case just fine, but my Warmoth guitar project with the firebird neck doesn’t.  So then I tried gig bags.  Those seem to fit pretty well, but a basic gig bag is a lot more expensive than I am willing to pay right now.  So I’ve decided to continue using the bass gig bag until I find a cheap gig bag or a hard shell case that actually fits my guitar.

Or maybe I’ll just order one of those Calder beauties!


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