The Monkey Song

My son sleeps with a little terry cloth blanket that has a monkey head.  It is a newborn/infant thing that gives them a soft blanket with lots of little pieces to suck on while they are teething.  He loves that thing.  He always sleeps with it.  Which means it gets pretty nappy with dirt, slobber, and snot from him rubbing his face it while he sleeps.  Thus we wash the monkey from time to time.

Today would be bath day for the monkey.  He knows it is in the washer.  He knows he has an afternoon nap.  He knows he doesn’t want to go to bed without it.  So he asks and asks.  Finally, I pull down a guitar and make up a little D, A, C, G chord progression and “sing a song… about monkey.”  He starts to sing along.  At 20 months old, he starts to sing along.  It comes out, “See saw …bou mo-kee.”  But it is so sweet and so innocent I am overwhelmed.

Until he grabs the whammy bar on my Wolverine guitar and uses it like a mic.  He thinks pulling on it makes cool noises and he has to sing in a microphone.  Then he sees the jack and pokes at it (since we are, of course, unplugged).  It moves.  He thinks it is a button and adds the word “button” to the song.

I’m a little startled by the moving jack, so after I put Boy down for a nap, I check it.  Sure enough, the jack is loose in the recessed jack plate.

So during his nap I fix it.  When he awakes, he asks for a snack.  Then he points at my Wolverine guitar and yells, “Monkey Song!”


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