Del Rey Guitar Project: Final (almost)

It is done.  Well, almost done.  I drilled a final hole for the ground wire to go from the pickguard to the vibrato tail piece.  Wired everything up.  Screwed everything together.  Strung it with 10’s.  It works!  I tuned it.  I didn’t do the whole intonation and string height set up with a feeler gauge thing, but eye balled it.  It plays well and is fun.  It sounds pretty gnarly!

I then got out my strap with the strap locks only to find that one of the strap buttons had the wrong size screw in it, so I couldn’t get the strap lock over the strap lock button.  So this project is almost done!  I just have to get the right screw for the strap lock button and do an intonation adjustment.  Woo hoo!

Pictures coming soon!


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