Bad Mix

While folding laundry the wife and I watched the Nine Inch Nails live performance on Palladia.  It was their tour supporting With Teeth.  We were enjoying the show but kept getting distracted by the bad mix.  I don’t know if it was because of our old tv or the fact that we don’t have our stereo hooked up to our cable, but all we heard were the bass, the singer, some keyboards, and some drums.

Is that so bad?  Yes! What about the guitars!  There were at least two guitars on that stage.  We also couldn’t hear any back up vocals.  I’m sure we were missing more, but we couldn’t tell.  It made it difficult to watch.  In fact we didn’t finish it.  It is still on the dvr, but I don’t know how soon we’ll be watching the rest of it.

So who is to blame?  Is it us?  Our tv?  Cable?  The tv station?  The venue?  The band?  The record label?  The music industry?  Yes, it’s got to be the music industry.

Luckily the second half of the show was much better mix wise.  And the filming seemed different because it seemed a lot more audience friendly.  The show started dark and went, not lighter, but more open and more involved with the audience.  I liked it at the end.

Oh, and it looks like Trent was playing a Dean guitar most of the time, with a single cut away Parker for one song.


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