Del Rey Guitar Project: Completed Neck

This evening my friend and his family came over for dinner.  We provided the lasagna, they provided the salad…and the Del Rey guitar neck.  The neck looks gorgeous!  He did a fantastic job sweating out the dents (6 or 7 big ones), refinishing the back of the neck with a flat sheen and blending that with the high gloss finish on the headstock so it transitions well.  The frets are nicely polished and are all sticking back in the wood like they are supposed to.  The face of the headstock is the same color green as the body and it just “pops” in my humble opinion.  Someday I’ll track down the actual logo for a price I’m willing to pay (or maybe I’ll finally be willing to shell out the money people are paying for those logos when they come up on ebay).

Now I just have to finish rewiring the electronics, get some new tuning machines, and put it all together!  It is awesome!  This has been a great project.  Big THANKS go out to my friend for taking this from a cool little project to AWESOME!


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