Goodbye Dear Friend

I didn’t think I’d have much to blog about this week because work has been busy, family has been busy, and I’ve been shopping for a new bike, but I was wrong.  I drove past the guitar shop that I put my Epiphone Korina SG and Kasuga SG on consignment, only I didn’t see my Epiphone Korina SG in the window.  So I stopped by this evening and found they sold it.

The first guitar I have ever sold.  I have only amassed guitar stuff before this.  I felt a twinge of regret and sadness because I would no longer be able to play this guitar.  But I keep reminding myself that there will be other guitars and this is just one step in my trip.  There will be other guitars, other amps, other effects, etc.

But for now, farewell Stella, my Epiphone Korina SG.  And if, dear buyer, you ever read this, please enjoy that guitar.  I did!


One thought on “Goodbye Dear Friend

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