Headphones again

I’ve had a pair of Sony wrap around headphones for the last 10 or 11 years.  They aren’t the best, but they work.  Unfortunately the soft foamy covers are starting to fall apart.  I loaned them to a coworker who took them home (instead of leaving them at the office) so I had to use my little ear bud headphones from my mp3 player.  I could not believe how bad everything sounded.

At work I plug into an old RP200 with my headphones so I don’t disturb anyone while I play on my lunch break.  It works well for what I am doing and I like being able to play with different pseudo amp models and effects.  It doesn’t sound great, but with the little ear buds, it was distractingly bad.  I kept unplugging and plugging in my guitar because I thought there was something wrong with the connection.  It was bad.

I’ve got my original headphones back, but in transit the already shredded foam covers became unusable.  So do I try to track down new foam covers or spend about the same amount of money on new headphones?  Or get better qualify headphones?  Any suggestions?


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