Quality TV is over

Finished the Grammys tonight. I feel a little dumber.

  • Richie Sambora had a funky/unique looking guitar with that dual color headstock, but their performance made me realize that they’ve really been a country band in disguise this entire time. And I guess Living on a Prayer only got half the votes since they only played half the song.
  • Jeff Beck can’t play straight Les Paul covers.  He has to bend the notes.  Poor guy.  Maybe with a little more practice he’ll see some improvement.
  • I still don’t like Dave Matthews band that much, but they can play.
  • Oh ya, did the cast of Green Day’s broadway musical join Dave on stage?  Still lame.
  • Andrea Bocelli can sing. Mary J. Blige came across as intimidated or at least struggling to keep up.

Finally done with this and have deleted the Grammys from the dvr.  Goodnight.


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