Del Rey Guitar Project: bridge & pickguard polish

For those of you not familiar with the model of Del Rey I am rebuilding (with a friend’s help being the bulk of the work), it has a metal pick guard.  This one is scratched up, but you can still easily see the alternating polished and brushed stripes in the metal.  I’ve spent the last few hours with a dremmel and polishing compound trying to get the scratches out.

Upon taking a break I asked my wife which side she thought looked better.  It was the side I hadn’t done anything to…I think I’ll stop for a while.

Just a side note.  Always wear protective gear.  I started without anything, then added eye protection, then gloves, and  then a face mask.  All of these steps were each in reaction to a small injury.  First, polishing compound got in my eye.  Second, my hand got rubbed raw when I slipped with the dremmel.  Third, a metal fleck stabbed me in the right nostril when I was using a small metal brush attachment on the dremmel to clean out a corner of the bridge.  If you try this at home, start with all the protective gear.


3 thoughts on “Del Rey Guitar Project: bridge & pickguard polish

    • Glad you like it! It’s been a lot of fun and blogging about it has actually been a nice reminder of everything I love about guitars…even if playing well still eludes me. Just one more thing to work on.

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