Wolverine Upgrades: New Vibrato Bridge

I got the Gotoh Wilkinson VS100  Tremolo/Vibrato from Warmoth and started to work on installation.  The old bridge was a cheap vintage style vibrato piece with six screws and a wobbly arm.  I got it set up, but ended up tightening the springs down so it hardly moved.  It still didn’t stay in tune all the time.

The Wilkinson has two pivot points that screw into posts that are installed in the guitar body and feel a lot more solid than the old one with six screws.  However, it didn’t seem to fit very well in the old slot.  So I hunted down someone’s CAD designs for routing a strat body for a Wilkinson (thank you internet!).  My brother-in-law was kind enough to convert the CAD design into a pdf (he’s a doctor of engineering), which I used to figure out that my old bridge had been half an inch too far out (no wonder intonation had been so tough!).

I contacted Warmoth and they said they could see what they could do.  Well, they worked their magic with the CNC machines to reroute the hole for the Wilkinson in the right place on the body (and routed out the slot for the LSR rollernut on the neck).  If you look carefully, you can see the exposed wood in the slot that used to be painted black.  It worked out beautifully (but ignore the very bad, very ugly filling I did of the original 6 screw holes)!

Here’s a few pics!

As I’ve said before, the addition of the Wilk, with the LSR rollernut and Schaller locking tuners, have vastly improved this guitar!  It stays in tune.  Not just while a play, but when I set the guitar down for a few days or when my kid plays with/hangs on the whammy bar…it is still in tune.  Right now I have the bridge floating so I can go up and down.  It is so smooth and goes right back to neutral after any push or pull.  I am very happy with these upgrades!


3 thoughts on “Wolverine Upgrades: New Vibrato Bridge

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    • I did it myself. The guitar body was stripped down to the wood. I took Wolverine comics and decoupage glue to cover the body in Wolverines! It took a lot of work to get the clear coat built up. Thank you!

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