Found that pit in my stomach again

Every once in a while something happens that immediately creates that sick pit in your stomach… like when you drop your camera in a lake or drive into the garage with your bike on the roof rack.  I had that feeling again last night.

As someone out there may have read, I keep my Vox AD50VT under a homemade dust cover when I’m not using it.  As you may have also read, I don’t play plugged in very much, so I don’t take the cover off the amp very often.  Last night my wife started banging on the drums so the kids could dance and I pulled out a guitar to play along.  I took the amp cover off only to find that my son had turned the amp on through the dust cover at some point in the past.  My heart sank and that pit formed in my stomach.  Who knows how long the amp had been on with no air circulation for venting?!?

I quickly plugged in and strummed a chord.  Nothing.  I then turned the volume up on my guitar and had sweet glorious, slightly out of tune music.  The kids danced.  My wife beat the skins.  The pit in my stomach went away.


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