Third Guitar Purchase

Whenever I am in downtown Tacoma, I always try to visit Guitar Maniacs. I love this store because they always have interesting and unusual guitars mixed in with the traditional, vintage, and valuable. They are also very friendly, but most importantly, cool.
At the time this story takes place, I was really into Mosrite guitars. I had recently seen Burning Brides and then remembered the Ramones and then saw the reissues by Eastwood and Dillon and someone else. Then I actually looked them up and learned more about them (them meaning Mosrite guitars).
Guitar Maniacs had two or three Univox Mosrite knock offs (Hi Flyer) and I tried them all. I also tried really hard to like them, but they just didn’t feel right.  None of the necks were comfortable.
Then I tried this funky looking Epiphone. I didn’t recognize the body shape and it was in the same price range as the Univox Hi-Flyers. It felt great! The neck melted into my hand. The body fit exactly where I like it. It was awesome.
So I left. Got back into the car and told my wife I found a winner. We went home and I found it online. It was a Japanese made, ET-275 Epiphone Crestwood from about 1974.
I waited a day and half until calling my parents and asking for a loan. I called Guitar Maniacs who kindly set it aside while I drove up with the family to make the purchase.
When I got there, I played it again to make sure my memory was correct. It was. I paid for it. I walked out to the car and we drove home with the newest member of the family.


2 thoughts on “Third Guitar Purchase

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