Guitar Stores You Can Trust

Took the three sacrificial lambs to a few local guitar shops.  At both places the staff were very helpful.  They gave me fair assessments of what my guitars were worth and suggestions on the best way to sell them if I don’t sell to them, put the guitars up for consignment, or keep them.

Now I just have to decide if I’m going to pull the trigger.


2 thoughts on “Guitar Stores You Can Trust

  1. eBay, man. Or, failing that, Craigslist, though eBay offers a lot more in terms of keeping some of the shadiness out of the transactions. No joke, have definitely done guitar deals out of the trunk of a car.

    Of course, if your local music stores are offering you anything approximating the used value, go for it. I only turned to eBay when I realized I could get almost three times what Guitar Center was willing to pay me, and that wasn’t even for any great guitar, just a used MIM Strat.

    Good luck, and nice blog!

  2. Thanks for the blog compliment and the advice!

    My only struggle with selling anything myself is the time. This is the busiest time of year with the most unpredictable schedule for me. And my local guitar shops are not trying to screw me over like GC. I understand they are in a business and need to make a profit, but I believe what they’re telling me about their split and likelihood of sale if I go with consignment.

    I haven’t decided, but we’ll see. Anyone else got a suggestion one way or the other?

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