Hands Again

Got home yesterday afternoon from a good Christmas vacation.  After unpacking and enjoying being back in our own home, I picked up Wolverine and began playing for Boy (although I did not plug in to anything).  He loves to dance, so I tried to play fast bar chords in kind of a funk rhythm.

Then Girl wanted me to make up a song about her prince and princess toys, so I started a bar chord blues shuffle and sang about the princess blues.  It was pretty funny trading lyrics with my 5 year old daughter about how the prince needed to get his act together or the princess was going to have to rescue him.

As I’m playing an A bar chord and using my pinky in the 5th string every 3rd and 4th strum, my whole hand started to ache.  I paused, shook my hands, and went back to the song, but my hand just ached more and more.  Finally, I had to stop, so I ended the singing and dancing with the kids and put the guitar away.

Within ten minutes the ache was gone.

The last thing I did before going to bed was pick up a guitar (just happen to have one on a stand next to my bed) and strum quietly before my wife came to bed.  No twinges of ache, but after tying this entry, I can feel my hands tightening up.

What is wrong with me?  Any ideas?


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