Guitar Store Extravaganza pt 3

I did it.  I went back to the first guitar shop from Saturday to check out the Laney LC15R.  It had a 10 inch H+H Invader speaker, 15 watts from an EL34, digital reverb, a line out, and an effects loop.  I liked it, but I could not get a good clean sound (for my tastes) from it.

I plugged back into the Fender Deluxe Reverb just to make sure my ears were ok.  They were.  The Deluxe Reverb sounded just how I remembered it from Saturday.

So I plugged back into the Laney and got closer to a good clean sound, but it still didn’t feel right.  Then I noticed that it was sitting on top of a Peavey Windsor Studio.  Very similar wattage and features, but newer and designed for recording.  So I plugged into that and got a great clean sound.  Then I turned down the volume and turned up the gain to get a nice distortion.

So I went back and forth between the three amps, trying to dial in the sounds I wanted to hear.  I talked with the shop owner about price (all used amps) and left to think about it.

I’m still thinking.


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