Another guitar project purchase

One day, while perusing Value Village (for those of you not familiar with this staple of the Great Northwest, it is a thrift store chain), I found a 1968 Teisco Del Rey with three pick ups.  It had no strings and was painted black with a XXX board wax sticker on it.  The spring for the vibrato arm was missing and the cup the spring sits in was missing, but everything else was there.  So I got it for $9.99.

Upon taking it apart, I discovered that it originally had a sunburst finish that was painted over in metallic blue sparkle, which had been painted over again in this thick black goop.  I started looking for a new cup and spring for the vibrato arm, but couldn’t find anything.  Finally, I got a replacement Bigsby spring and still kept looking for a cup until I thought of the little cups that are used in cheap sliding closet doors.  That’s right, those cheap gold looking metal cups.  It fit perfectly.

I strung up the guitar with just one string and tested the pick ups.  Man, are they ever microphonic!  They are so lo-fideilty and gritty and cool!  As far as I can tell, there is an on/off switch for each pick up and then a master switch for all the pick ups.  One of the switches doesn’t seem to be working.

I’ve had this project stuck under my desk for the last year or so because I haven’t had time to really clean up the body.  It has gouges and chips that need to be filled in.  The paint needs to be stripped.  The electronics need to be cleaned up and that one switch replaced.

It just hasn’t been a priority.

I mentioned this to my friend who refinished the Wolverine guitar (stay tuned for a future post on that one).  He got excited.  So, at his request, I dropped off the body so he can do all the body work and paint it while I’m away for the holidays.  Awesome!


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