Bad Cell Phone Pic of Matthew Bellamy of Muse

As corny as this is, Muse lived up to their name.  They were inspirational last night.  Matthew Bellamy was just incredible on the guitar.  Last night they delivered an incredible show!

The wife and I went to 107.7 The End’s Deck the Hall Ball last night in Seattle.  We got stuck in traffic on the way there, so we missed local greats Visqueen.  I was really disappointed.  I’ve seen them twice, but wanted to show the love by singing along to their songs.

We did get there for Vampire Weekend, which ended up being the next best performance next to Muse.  Phoenix was fun, but I couldn’t get into it like the kids around me.  Metric looked pretty and had great guitars, but it was actually pretty monotonous and boring.  It made me feel old.  This was not the music of my youth that was so emotional and inspiring, yet it was obviously that for the kids.

30 Seconds to Mars was the perfect juxtaposition to Muse.  They were bad.  I’m sure their musicianship was fine, but Jarod Leto would not shut up.  I think he swore at the audience (in that nauty, snicker, way kids do when their 9 and trying out swear words they heard the junior high kids use).  It felt like a warm up concert to help the kiddies learn how to act properly at a rock and roll show.  Help your neighbor in the pit.  If some falls, pick them up.  Throw the band’s signal in the air.  Scream.  And at the suggestion of Jarod, “Lose your F’in mind even more each song.”

I can’t get over how much he talked.  He would have these big build ups.  Getting the crowd into a freenzy, only to start into a song that had a slow and quiet intro.  Don’t get me wrong.  Dynamics in a song are good.  But don’t yell, “Get ready to rock your face off!” and then start finger picking a quiet diddy.  You don’t pull your punches.  You come out swinging with a fast starting song.

Honestly, it felt like what I imagine a White Snake or Poison concert was like in the hair metal days of the 80’s.

And I swear there were at least five teenage girls in a 10 foot space that were overcome with emotion at just seeing Jarod and Co. life.

Bad Cell Phone Pic of Chris Wolstenholme of Muse

Then Muse came on stage and it was my turn to cry like a baby.

They did rock everyone’s faces off.  The audience did lose it’s F’in mind.  And I got up to the front of the audience to witness a great band play great songs.  I still find it hard to beleive that only three guys make that much sound with just one extra guy on keyboards.

Matthew Bellamy was great on guitar.  I got so close that on one solo I watched each tap of the Kaos pad installed on his guitar and understood how it changed his sound and how he used each part of his guitar to the utmost.  Christopher Wolstenholme was great on bass.  He rocked hard and was inspirational on so many songs, but it was especially great to see him play Starlight after working with the Breakfast Club on it.  Dominic Howard pounds the drums!  I’ll have to ask my drummer c0worker who also attended the show how he did.  He impressed me.

Overall, the show was good.  And seeing Muse made it all worth while.  The worst part of the show was the audience.  They were pushing and shoving, but not in the nice “we’re having such a great time and enjoying the music so much” effort.  They were jocking for position and jerks about it.  I had to pool all my years of mosh pit and concert experience to keep people behind me and protect the wife from the onslaught.  And my one criticsm of Muse?  They didn’t need to wait 42 minutes after their crew set up their instruments.  Keeping the audience waiting only 5 or 10 minutes would’ve been better.


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