Guitar Hanger

One of the things I noticed early on in my attempt to learn to play the guitar was that if my guitar was hard to get to, I didn’t get it out as often as I’d like. So when we moved into our new home, I got three guitar hangers for the wall. We were expecting our first child, so I was looking for something that would hold a guitar securely from children, but would allow me to keep the guitar out for easy access (and to prompt me to play if it wasn’t a priority).
So I got the Hercules wallmount guitar stand P39WB.  It has worked very well for both getting me to pick up my guitars more often and for protecting the guitars from my now two children.  I have had these hangers for five years and my oldest child is five.  The thing it hasn’t done is protect my guitars from me…

Pro: Guitars are secure.  The “closing” mechanism will keep the guitar secure long enough for me to finally notice my toddler has climbed up on the couch and is “playing” with the guitar.

Pro: I do play the guitar a lot more than when they are put away in their cases.

Pro: Guitars in floor stands are even more tempting to a toddler.

Con: They get dusty, but that isn’t specific to this product.

Con: You have to be careful that you put them in straight, or the closing mechanism could sheer off a little bit of your nut as it closes.

Open Guitar Hanger wallmount

Placing guitar into closing mechanism.

Guitar in hanger


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