Second Bass Purchase

Once I owned an actual bass, had so much fun playing in a band, and now owned a full sized Wolverine strat-knock-off guitar, I decided to get a bass as a gift for my dad.  He’s always wanted to play.  He took lessons a long time ago, but he never kept at it.  After my descriptions of how easy basic bass playing was, he seemed enthusiastic.

So I scoured the local classified ads.  This was really before craigslist and other online resources took off (or at least before I was really aware of them), but I was in a college town and figured kids were coming and going all the time and they couldn’t take their instruments with them everytime.  Eventually a Peavey P-style bass came up for sale…and the price was right.

The guy I purchased it from had been the bass player in a local ska band (note the hand made plaid gig bag!).  He was now married, graduating, moving away, and had to sell it.  I talked him down a bit and then bought it.  He also tried to sell me his Peavey TNT130 bass amp.  I declined.

After buying the bass, I then made a mix of blues songs and wrote out the basic bass tab for each song.  It was a lot of fun and he really liked the gift.

The bass itself is pretty straight forward.  It has a single pick up, basic bridge, and volume and tone controls.  The one surprise to me was how narrow the neck gets toward the headstock.  The fretboard is pretty narrow, but my only other real bass experience is with my Lyon J-style bass.  That neck is very flat and wide.  This Peavey P-bass neck isn’t thick, but it is not as flat as the Lyon.  Maybe that’s what P-style basses are all like, but this seemed even more narrow than a guitar.

Anyway, it seems to play well and works for our purposes.  If I were to change anything, it would be the tuning machines and the pick up, but it’s not my bass to play around with!


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