Another Austin City Limits

Just watched another episode of Austin City Limits on the ol’ DVR.  Maybe I just need to copy and paste that first sentence into every post.  I really don’t watch tv all the time, but apparently it has been an inspiring show these past few weeks/months.

Anyway, I just watched the M. Ward/Okkervil River episode. I enjoyed both performances, but really really really (as my daughter would say) liked the Okkervil River performance!  M. Ward was good, but the thing I liked best about his performance was his Johnny A. signature model Gibson.  So if anyone wants to give me a Johnny A. signature model Gibson guitar, I would not complain.  In fact, I’d be very grateful!

The Okkervil River performance really captured my imagination and emotions.  I really felt a swelling of good emotions as I watched their performance.  The emotions of it reminded me of how I feel when I listen to Arcade Fire. I bet they get compared a lot, but I think they are different enough to not be an imitation of each other.

It was also hard to miss Lauren Gurgiolo playing a black Les Paul right up front.  Apparently she graduated from Univerity of Texas at Austin where she studied jazz guitar.   She’s a multi-instrumentalist and joined Okkervil River in 2008. I’m sure there is more to her story, but I couldn’t find it in time to add it to this post.  Just check out the Dialtones.

Justin Sherburn was also great on his Gibson semi-hollow body.  It looked like an ES-335, but I couldn’t be sure.  Not that it really matters, he got some great sounds out of it!


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