Pleasant evening

I’m wrapping up a surprisingly pleasant evening with two sick kids.  My wife is out and about for the evening with other responsibilities.  After feeding them, playing with them, bathing them, reading stories to them, etc. they are finally asleep.  I’m now slowly scurrying around the house to clean everything.  I’m a little under the weather too, so I haven’t been posting the past few days.  However, the quiet of the house and the well-earned exhaustion of the day (work and home) have left me feeling reflective and hopeful.  That’s the opposite of melancholy.  Still subdued, but not depressed.

I’m not even sure I have the energy to sit around and play the guitar.  I still have to do the dishes, sweep, and vacuum.  But none of these things seem daunting right now.  I will finish up around the house, noodle on the guitar, and then go to bed.  Goodnight.


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