My Second (project) Guitar Purchase – Kasuga part I

While looking for a guitar to call my own, I visited every pawn shop in the area (often).  Most of what I found was not very good and in even worse condition.  But I wanted an SG.  Or at least an SG style guitar.  And I was looking for something I could rebuild.

Late 70's Kasuga SGOne pawn shop had an SG style guitar.  It was a “Kasuga” brand SG style guitar with a bolt on neck, only two strings, and rag tag pick ups.  They wanted too much for it.  Nope, not gonna do it.  I wasn’t going to spend good money on an old broken guitar when I could get a better broken guitar for less that I still didn’t want.

Then the price went down.  Then it went on sale for 50% off.  So I got it.

I tried to find out information about the guitar and the brand.  According to the internet (so you know it is true), Kasuga is/was a Japanese manufacturer specializing in mandolins and other stringed instruments.  Kasuga also joined the Japanese/worldwide trend of cheap knock off guitars.  As far as I can tell, this guitar would’ve been made in the late 70’s, probably around ’78.

The guitar body and neck are in that classic transparent red stain.  The body is at least 6 pieces of wood.  The headstock has a black laminate on the front with a nice abalone inlay for “Kasuga” and a funky looking leaf thing.  I think the neck may actually be one piece of mahogany, but I could be wrong.  The neck has 22 frets with some sort of silverish grey dot inlays and what I think is a rosewood fretboard with whit-ish plastic binding.  The neck pocket meets the neck at the 17th fret.Kasuga 2

I had actually purchased a project guitar!

See part II to find out about the project.


6 thoughts on “My Second (project) Guitar Purchase – Kasuga part I

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  2. I just bought that same guitar- the body, neck and pickguard are sweet. The tuners, pickups, electronics and bridge must be upgraded (going with S.D 59s). I think the pickups are single coils masquerading as humbuckers (which would explain the 250k pots). I will make this guitar killer; as nice as a Gibby.

  3. I saw this old thread, but try anyhow. I’m looking for a replacemnt neck for my Kasuga Les Paul. I try everywhere where I might find any. Thank you kindly and best regards from Sweden.

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