Third Performance Ever

Today was the day.  I performed for the third time ever in front of people.  My coworker sang and I played.  It was a “No talent” show, so there was no pressure.  My coworker did a great job singing.  She changed the lyrics…again.  Which was good because the lyrics were even funnier this time around.  And she added a bridge, which worked out great because we were able to work through it twice before the show started.

She also told me where she was going to announce my guitar solo so I could play some cool stuff.  I stammered, “But I haven’t practiced anything.”  She responded, “What do you mean, just play something fun and then we’ll go into the last verse and the big finish.”  That’s when I informed her that this was only my third time to play in front of people.  She was shocked and felt so bad.  “You must think I’m the biggest diva for always putting off our practices.” she said.  I didn’t.  We were at work and we’re both very busy.  She kept apologizing  and asking how I felt.  I kept telling her it was ok.

The performance itself was fun.  There were probably 100 co-workers in the audience.  We were the third group to perform.  I went out first and plugged my guitar into the amp (which was set at the right volume before the audience arrived).  My coworker got the mic and invited everyone to sing the chorus if they wanted to (it was pretty simple).  Then I started playing and she started singing.  We got to the bridge and it went smoothly.  Then she announced my solo and I just started messing around with the minor pentatonic scale… in the right key!  The crowd actually cheered!  I ended with the riff for the verses and she came in just in time to sing the last verse and the big finish.

So chalk this one up as a successful third performance.  It wasn’t perfect.  I know when I watch the video (yes, someone recorded it) I’ll see lots of mistakes and places to improve, but I did it. I had fun.  I’ll learn from it.  And maybe I’ll get up the courage to participate in a blues open mic.

This guitar stuff is great!  I love it.


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