Preparations continue – only to start over

Yesterday we had a quick “sound check” to make sure the vocals and guitar mixed well in the room where the No talent show will be.  My coworker and I thought the run through would be the sound check, but that was just going over the order and establishing who was doing what.  No actual practice.  Just talk.

So when we went there yesterday with the person assigned to run the sound I felt rather pretentious doing a “sound check” for a silly talent show.  Apparently we are the only ones performing our own music and not lip syncing.   It was weird, but needed.  The first time I played and my coworker sang it was too much guitar.  Then too much vocal.  Then, like baby bear’s porridge,  it was just right.

So I got everything set on the amp and guitar and then packed it all up until Friday.  When I got home I set my amp on the floor next to the couch.  After dinner, Boy walked over to the amp and twisted all the nobs.  Great.

AmpGoTo11Hope I can recreate the appropriate volume and sound at show time.  We shall see…


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