Preparations Begin

As I mentioned before, a coworker and I got roped into participating in a “no talent” talent show.  We’ve had all last week to prepare, but our schedules haven’t lined up.  So yesterday was the first time we actually got together.  We spent an entire lunch hour coming up with lyrics for a blues song about where we work.  It was actually a pretty entertaining process.

Today is supposed to be the test run to make sure everything runs smoothly.  We shall see…

The nice thing about this event and the “forced” opportunity to play the guitar is it has become my plan B.  I have been working on a guitar practice plan that would really work with my schedule, interests, and ability.  I just haven’t figured out what goes in it, so I can’t start it.  I’ve been stuck in the planning and scheming faze, to the detriment of actually playing and learning.

But while I still work on my master guitar practice plan, these types of experiences end up filling my life with opportunities to play the guitar and even improve in some small way.  So thank you Not Playing Guitar for the reminder that the goal is to keep moving…and sometimes that movement is forward and sometimes that movement is at an angle to where you thought you would go.


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