Can’t sleep with your instrument?

Parents are great when it comes to birthdays and guitars.  They would love to get me an Old school Amp, a Rickenbacker 480, Vox Virage DC, or Parker Fly.  They’d love to get me a PA system.   They would love to get me the Boss DD-7 digital delay pedal that I think will solve all my guitar playing problems.  But they’re not going to spend that kind of money and they don’t know what any of those things are.  So they get cool little gifts that remind them of me, their son.  Last year they got me Snooze City Design’s guitar and amp pillow cases.  They’re kitschy, but thoughtful gifts.  And I’ve been using them the whole year.

This year they got me the Bob Dylan Little Black Songbook. I’ll be using this the whole year too!  Thanks Mom & Dad!


One thought on “Can’t sleep with your instrument?

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