Little Freddie King

swampboogieA few years ago I was checking out blues albums from the library to get a better grasp of the different artists I had been reading about.  I am familiar with Freddie King, but when I saw a CD called Swamp Boogie by Little Freddie King I figured it must be the same thing.  It was not and I’m happy it wasn’t.

Don’t get me wrong.  There are some great Freddie King songs out there.  I own them.  But I was completely unaware of Little Freddie King until I checked this album out from the library.  I love it.  It inspires me every time I listen to it.  I want to pick up my guitar and learn to play it.  I love the grit of the tracks.  I love vibe.  I love the approachability.  I love it.  I can’t say much more than that.

Here are the tracks:

Cleo’s Back
Mean Little Woman
Swamp Boogie
I Use to Be Down
Bus Station Blues
Kinky Cotton Fields
Baby, Got It All
What’d I Say
I’m Gonna Haul Right off and Cry
The Great Chinese
Cat Squall Blues

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