No Talent

At work they are having a “no talent” fund raiser.  The organizers are looking for volunteers to perform, whether they have talent or not.  It is supposed to be like a variety show.  People buy tickets to attend and there is a raffle.  I thought about signing up, but decided it would take too long for me to get decent at playing AND singing a song.  Things are too busy at work and things at home are starting to get too busy too.  It wouldn’t be worth it.

Apparently there is a woman I work with that has the exact reverse dilemma.  She didn’t think she had enough time to learn a song she could sing AND play.  Apparently she got roped into singing a song anyway, but said she needed someone to accompany her.  The person that roped her into it happened to think of me just as I was walking by.   Isn’t it ironic.

So on October 30 I will be playing some blues song and this coworker will be singing.  It should be fun, but I’m already starting to get butterflies.  I’ve only performed twice in front of people.  On the bright side, maybe I’ll actually get the courage to play at an open mic.

I guess this means I need to practice a lot.  Wish me luck.


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