Downfall of Headphones

NoHeadphonesI have become an acoustic guitar player…without owning a real acoustic guitar.  All of my electrics are played without being plugged into anything.  I play whenever I can, but I can’t rely on the headphones jack on my Vox AD50VT or my Digitech RP200.  Why?  Because I have to be able to hear a sleeping child wake up.  I can’t just plug my headphones in and unplug from reality.

So I don’t play electric anymore (or hardly ever).  I haven’t for a while.  However, I just came to this realization about my playing habits recently.  During past three day weekend my wife got some very needed R&R.  I readily took over all home duties and had fun getting better acquainted with the kids’ routines.  And with me being the sole parent, I got a better taste of what my wife deals with all day.  It went fine.

I even got some great time to play the guitar (naps and evenings).  However, I did not plug any guitars into any amplification.  Looking back I realized haven’t been plugging in that much in the past either.  I’m working on playing more guitar (plugged or unplugged), but someday it will be nice to be able to plug in and really explore what an amp adds (and subtracts) to what I play (and attempt to play).

I am curious how anyone else out there plays electric guitar with little kids.  Do you have set aside time?  Do you use headphones?  Do you play really loud?  Do you use an attenuator?  Let me know what your solution has been!


3 thoughts on “Downfall of Headphones

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