Not a Dave Matthews fan

I’m not a Dave Matthews fan.  I respect his ability to write songs and his ability to play, sing, and all that other stuff I can’t do.  I just don’t listen to him.  Even when he was playing with Chris Whitley (who I followed closely and saw play numerous times before his death), I didn’t really get into it.  It may just be a mental block, but I’m not that into him…

DaveMatthewStratHowever, I did just watch most of his performance on Austin City Limits (thank you DVR and the 30 second skip).  Why did I watch it?  Was I captured in some new way by his voice?  Did I finally realize the genius?  It had very little to do with Dave (well, maybe seeing him with a sunburst fender strat loaded with seymour duncan mini-humbuckers gave me pause).  It was all about Tim Reynolds.

Tim Reynold’s volume swells on “Sister” were inspiring.  His overall playing gave all the Dave Matthews songs a real flavor that I liked.  Some songs had a real 80’s guitar vibe.  Others had some nice metal.  There were some great jazz chord progressions.  It was quite the spectrum of styles being fit into Dave Matthews songs I am not familiar with.  Perhaps Dave Matthews fans are already familiar with this aspect of Dave’s music, but I was not.  I flat out enjoyed watching and hearing Tim play.  Thank you Tim Reynolds.


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