One that truly got away.

FenderDeluxeRevA few years back my local guitar shop had a 1973 Fender Deluxe Reverb (silverface) with new caps, tubes, the works.  They wanted a wonderfully low price for it.  I agonized over it for days.  I played it and it sounded great to me.  It wasn’t a famed black face, but it sounded better than the black face model on my Vox AD50VT (imagine that).

I really want to get an amp that gives me that big ZZ Top or AC/DC classic rock sound (can we say Marshall stack?), but every time I actually plug into an amp I always seem to like the creamy cleans of that classic 6V6 Fender sound.  I don’t know if I have some easy listening jazz bone in my body, or I just listen for clean tones because I tend to play at lower volumes.  Maybe I really want a clean blues sound.  I don’t know.  And what would I do with a Marshall stack or even half-stack?  I play in my house.  A house with little kids.  When I play with others, it barely qualifies as a band.  The 22 watts of the Deluxe Reverb seemed perfect.  The tone was strong.  I liked what I was hearing.  The price was right.

I talked it over with the wife.  I had a plan.

I went into the store to try it with one of my guitars before making an offer, only to find it had been sold that morning to a guy who had promised not to turn around and sell it on eBay.

I wouldn’t have sold it on eBay.  I would have loved it and made it part of the family.  It was going to be my entry into the world of tone and all tube amps.  I was going to leave the world of entry level guitars and wanna-be modeling amps.  This was it!  I was going to become a great guitar player and find my sound.  All I needed was this amp…and it was gone.

I really hope the new owner has appreciated it as much as I would have…but I’m sure it was just GAS.  My motivations were pure and had nothing to do with GAS (read in sarcasm here).  So I’m still with my modeling amp.  Still exploring the close approximations without buying a whole herd of classic tube amps.  Maybe someday.  Like that Egnater Rebel 30.  Ya, that’s it.  That is the answer to all my guitar problems….


2 thoughts on “One that truly got away.

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