Decisions, Decisions

As I’ve probably mentioned before, I play guitar most frequently at work on my lunch break.  I play at home for longer periods, but I play on a more consistent basis at work.  One of the things that makes this possible is the guitar hanger I installed in my office at work.  I leave a guitar there pretty much all the time (except when I take vacations or know I’ll be out of the office for an extended period of time).  So one of the fun things I get to do some mornings (or evenings if I’m really prepared) is decide which guitar I want at the office.

It’s a great decision to be faced with.  I think about what songs I want to play.  I think about which guitar I haven’t been playing very much.  And of course, I think about which one will look cool to my co-workers who have started to comment on which ones they like best.  Ah, vanity.


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