Band in Alley

Band in Alley

This evening I went to the Olympia, WA Arts Walk.  We try to go every year.  Or actually, every twice a year (there is a spring and a fall arts walk).  All the downtown stores are open late with local artists’ art on display.  For example, you go to a shoe store and there are oil paintings hanging on each  shoerack.  It is a great night (and day) with a lot of live music too!

This shot is from Spring 2009 (didn’t take my camera with me this time), but you get the idea.  If you want to see the wide range of bands, search for Olympia Arts Walk on flickr.

Once again, I was shocked by all the street musicians and bands.  It seemed like every other store had a band.  Most of it was acoustic.  A mix between bluegrass, country, jazz, folk, etc.  But there was blues and rock and punk and swing too.  It was amazing to see all the guitartists out and about.  Very cool!


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