Drums – the Other White Meat

With the introduction of a new family member there is always some reorganizing in the house. The spare bedroom/home office became the new kid’s room. The music nook (drums, amps, stereo, vinyl, CD’s, etc.) became the home office nook. The drums moved up to the corner of the master bedroom. The amps moved into a smaller space by my home office computer (don’t forget the wife’s more important home office computer in the same space since she actually telecommutes versus my mere catching up from home).

I easily gave up having everything ready for a band to play in our living room at any time for the new kid. A worthy cause, but at least all the instruments and amps could be brought out at a moments notice.

Soon, that too, was gone.

When we found out my wife was pregnant we got a cute little dresser for all his cute little baby clothes. Then all his cute little baby clothes and other paraphernalia began to pile up around the little dresser. The kid wasn’t even two months old and had more clothes than I do. So when our neighbors were selling a nice dresser at their garage sale, we bought it for the Boy. This resulted in more moving…which ultimately resulted in the drum set being dismantled and moved into storage above the garage. It is still possible to get everything out, but it will take some planning.

Goodbye pick up jams!


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